Monday, November 24, 2014

How to Even Begin Renovating a Fixer Upper

This Friday we get the keys and we can get started right away. The problem is that there is so much to do to make the house livable --or that just makes sense to do before actually moving in-- that it is difficult to get started.

As many ideas as I have going through my head at 100 miles per hour, I know that I just need to prioritize based on two things:

1. What do I need to have done before I move in?
2. What just makes sense to do before furniture gets in the way.

Here are the things that I want to do before we officially move in and start living in our house:

1. Remove the ugly carpet, foam, staples, and tack boards in the master bedroom
2. Remove the linoleum in the kitchen
3. Patch the living room seam and refinish the hardwood floors throughout the house
4. Paint the rooms and trim
5. Deep clean and paint the kitchen cabinets. Install appliance (including outlet needed for electric oven)
6. Deep clean the bathroom

Ideally, I would love to get all of this done before Christmastime. I am aiming to be done one or before 12/21.

The first weekend will be dedicated to 1-3 and maybe 6. The next two weekends will be dedicated to numbers 3 and 4. The last weekend will be for completing everything on the above list that just not get done during our first three weekends.

All of the above repairs are cosmetic. There are also a couple of un-sexy things we should prioritize, like getting new insulation for the attic, tarring a couple minor cracks in the concrete on the side of the house, and diverting the way the water flows when you turn on the back hose bib. As it stands now, the water collects right at the edge of the house and it has caused some minor basement moisture that just needs to be addressed.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

You Have to Start Somewhere

You have to start somewhere. We didn't think we would buy a home this year, and when I first saw this house, I certainly did not fall in love with it, but then I had a realization: you have to start somewhere. After just over a year of living in my inlaws' basement apartment paying off student loans, we are ready for our own place. We are having a baby next April and feel that having our own spot at this point and time is the right move for us.

This house has decent bones. This house is affordable. This is a starter home that, with some work could be a beautiful first home. So we are doing it! We are diving in with both feet. This is ours. It's going to be slow going turning this place into something we love, but we are ready for the challenge!

Here are some photos of our house before we do anything to it!

The front of the house. The awning needs to go and we need to improve a few other things too!

The backyard

The living room. You can see the previous owner knocked down a wall.
Probably the worst room in the house aesthetically speaking. Must redo!
Bathroom doesn't look bad, but it is!

Master. It's huge! 22' by 11'. We could do something nice with this room eventually. Good thing there's hardwood under the carpet!

2nd bedroom. Not in horrible shape, just needs some cosmetic things!